Welcome to my private Website. Initially I made the site for friends at a home server, which was not always online. This server had only an upload bandwidth of 12 Mbit/s and was mainly a pastimes to share with friends and other visitors some topics on setting up home computers. The hardware was an isolated 12 years old notebook at my home with an Intel I5 CPU from Ebay for 45€ and Windows 11, Linuxmint and Debian Linux on it. It worked well with low traffic.
Now, I transferred the pages to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) at the provider Host-On.de in Frankfurt. The reasons for that were permanent attacks from hackers mainly from Russia, China, Iran and USA, and I dont want any such risks for my home machine. Additionally, a VPS is much cheaper than an energy consuming server at home (3,49 € per month at present with Host-On.de, a low-priced provider with good support. The Debian OS on that VPS needs less than 3 GB).
The public pages describe some aspects about Windows, Linux and home networks with an FTP server, a Webserver and mySQL databases. I use the server also to test network and security issues, for file sharing with friends and not least also as a non-public platform with partners in professional work. On the last page, I give some hints on editing scientific text and formulas with LaTeX.

Contact: Rolf Brigola at https://www.rb-vps.de, rbrigola@stiftung-swk.de for contact and comments.
Remarks: I have written the website in English. The other display languages – see the globe at bottom right – use Google’s translator. I hope these translations are understandable with reasonably good language style. Unfortunably, I couldn’t find an equivalent plugin for the more accurate DeepL translator. My Website does not use any trackers or cookies. Nuremberg, May 2024

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If you are interested in my homepage with preferably mathematics, you are invited to visit rolf.stiftung-swk.de and invited also to my site stiftung-swk.de.